Confirmation / First Eucharist and Reconciliation For Children
Adult Faith Formation

Baptism Requirements
  1. Pre-Baptism Course is required to be completed by both parents and both Godparents prior to scheduling a Baptism Ceremony. A letter must be supplied if course has been completed elsewhere within the past year before the Baptism is scheduled.

  2. One Godparent has to be a Confirmed Roman Catholic.

  3. Pre-Baptism Course - We require that this must be completed for all children being Baptized.

  4. We invite parents to practice their faith and attending Mass on a regular basis and be involved in parish life and ministries. Please fill out a census form which are available in the church or office.

  5. You must call the parish office for scheduled dates for Baptism.

Marriage Requirements
  1. Six months notice is required for marriage. (Archdiocese regulation.)

  2. Marriage Preparation Course approved by the Church is required. To register call the Archdiocese 726 3660. Check Parish Bulletin.

  3. Please call the Parish Office at 368 5371 and speak with the Priest about availability of Church and for completion of necessary wedding papers.

  4. Couples are reminded that they are coming to the parish asking for the sacred solemnization of their vows of marriage. It makes sense that couples should also include prayer and the practice of their faith in their preparation for marriage. "The family that prays together, stays together."

Celebration of the Sacraments presume an active faith life. Couples are asked to attend weekend Mass and to be involved in the life of the parish where they ask to have marriage vows solemnized.

This parish welcomes young people and you are invited to be involved in one or more ministries e.g. Choir, reader, offertory procession, children's liturgy, etc. A complete list is available in the foyer or from the office. We also provide training for these ministries.

Please be sure you are registered in the parish. Forms are available in the Foyer of the Church or from the office.

Contact the parish for the latest information, requirements and forms related to the Catechesis Program.

Available upon request by parishioner before weekday and weekend Masses or anytime by appointment.

ADULT FAITH FORMATION (Please call the parish office 368 5371)
  • RCIA - Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults
  • Confirmation for Adults