St. Peter’s Parish
110 Ashford Drive       Mount Pearl   NL     A1N 3L6
(P): 709 364-8606
(F): 709 364-8608
How Do I Get to St. Peter's Church?

St. Peter's Church is located at 110 Ashford Dr. in Mt. Pearl (Ashford Dr. is located off Smallwood Dr.).
There are basically two ways to arrive at our Church:
   One of the easiest landmarks is the Motor Registration building which is located at the top of Smallwood Drive. If you head east (towards St. John's) on Smallwood Drive from Motor Registration you will see Ashford Drive on your left. Turn in Ashford Drive and you can't miss us.

   Another way is from Ruth Avenue. At the top (west end) of Ruth Avenue you will see O'Donel High School. If you drive in behind O'Donel you will see the front of our Church. There is a gate between the O'Donel High parking lot and our Church parking lot. This gate is open during the weekend. When you see this building you'll know you're there.

   You may enter through the front doors or the double doors off the parking lot (if you enter from the parking lot, turn right inside the doors and go up the stairs).
Blue marker on the following map is the Motor Registration building). You can move the map around if you want.